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Would you like to see your pet immortalized in a piece of artwork? Let me know! Send me an email by clicking here. Or, find me on Facebook.

Pet Portraits in Watercolor:

Pet Portrait Oil Paintings:

Ink, Watercolor & Graphite Sketches:

Highly recommend Adam’s work! He is easy to work with, very skilled and reasonably priced.
If you want your beloved pet captured, check out Adam!
Had guests over ... they thought the oil painting of Oscar was a photo until they took a closer look. What a wonderful compliment to the artist!

How to Commission a Pet Portrait

A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.

Robert Wagner

The process of commissioning an oil painting, sketch, or drawing to immortalize your beloved pet is actually very simple!

Pets usually aren't so good at sitting still long enough to be painted, so a good second step is to round up as many photos of your pet as you can. The more options you give me to work from, the happier you will be with the end result. Depending on the photos, I can help recommend size and medium.

One more thing to consider is where you want to display the portrait. Where you want to place it will usually help you determine what size artwork you'd like.

Thanks for looking!

Get in contact! Send me an email by clicking here. Or, find me on Facebook.

More questions? I answer some common questions here: Pet Portrait F.A.Q.