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About my Drawings

As has been said, you begin with drawing.

Cennino D' Andrea Cennini, Il Libro dell' Arte

In my mind, a picture done in graphite, chalk, charcoal or sanguine is not so different than one performed in oil paints. Drawing and Painting seem to be the 'twin arts,' and one could scarcely exist without the other in the same way that the heads side of a coin could not exist without the tails.

Currently, my favorite drawing mediums are charcoal, sanguine pencil and white chalk. I work on a variety of drawing surfaces, plain and toned. For sketching portraits I greatly prefer charcoal to capture a wide range of values and also the graphic shapes of light and shadow. Working with charcoal feels very much like painting and often endows something like the spirit of alla prima painting to a piece.

You can read more about me here.